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Julio Garmendia Peña

                                                                                           Ottawa, March 23, 2015

To whom it may concern

It is a pleasure for me to write a recommendation letter for Mrs.Lilia Faulkner who had assisted the Embassy of Cuba to Canada during the organixzation of various Cuban Arts Exhibitions for several years.

Mrs.Faulkner has coordinated the wxhibitions, contacted the venues, and arranged all the necessary steps to present a high quality event in coordination with the Embassy's officials and the artists. She does not only prepare the exhibition in advance but also continues working when is finished, representing the artists in different situations. She takes care of everything, since, media information, marketing, assembling the paintings and sendings invitations. 

Her experience and personal characteristics are a gurantee that cultural event organized by her will be a success. We highly recommend Mrs.Faulkner to organize and perfom these kind of events.


Julio Garmendia Peña 


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Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa  see website profile here 

Andres Teran Parra

                                                                            Ottawa, September 26, 2003

To whom it may concern

         It is a pleasure for me to write a recomendation letter for Mrs.Lilia Faulkner, who had assisted the Embassy of Ecuador to canada during the organization of various exhibitions of Ecuadorian artists since 2009.

         The duties of Mrs. Faulkner consisted of coordinating the exhibitions, contacting with authorities of places where the events took part, hiring panels, assembling the pictures. When the arists were present at the exhibitions, she agreed the works arragement with the painters.

          Mrs.Faulkner provides her services not only before and during the events but also after them. She usually keeps the contact with the artists and represents them in differents situations. After having worked with Ecuadorian artists, Mrs.faulkner contacted them directly when she had the opportunity topresent their pictures in various events.

           The experience, contacts, and professional characteristics of Mrs.Faulkner are an assurance that cultural events organized by her will suceed I highly recommend Mrs.Faulkner to organize and perform these kind of events.


Andres Teran Parra                                                                              


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Embassy of Ecuador in Ottawa    see website profile here 

Manuel Schaerer Kanonnikoff

                                                                                          Ottawa, August 13, 2013

To whom it may concern

I am glad to write this recommendation letter to Mrs. Lilia Faulkner who was in charge of organising the Art Exhibition entitle "Paraguayan Customs" in May 13 to 15, 2013, at the Ottawa City Hall.

Mrs.Faulkner was responsible for all the details of the Exhibition, including contacting and negotiating with authorities at the City Hall, hiring panels and assembling the woks in co-ordination with artists.

In addition, Mrs. Faulkner was also responsible for arranging the vernissage and to make contact with a wide - ranged list of guess for the event, complementing the Embassy's contacts list. 

Mrs.Faulkner has excellent logistic and structural skills. She is extremely organize and reliable, been able to work independently. She is capable to follow through to ensure that the job gets done in a perfect way and on time. She is flexible and willing to work following suggestions and ideas.

As the Art Exhibition was a tremendous success, I highly recommend Mrs.Lilia Faulkner as an organizer of similar events. If you have any further questions with regard to her qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact the Embassy.


Manuel Schaerer Kanonnikoff 


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Embassy of Paraguay in Ottawa  see website here

Gilda Pontbriand

Lilia's people and organization skills are amazing.

Gilda Pontbriand, LinkedIn

Alejandro Basualdo

I've had the opportunity to work with Lilia in the past several times. Always was a great, professional experience. Highly recommended!  

Alejandro Basualdo, LinkedIn

David Imbrock

January 28,2013


It is a genuine pleasure to express my appreciation of the services offered Ms. Lilia Faulkner to the international and political communities in Ottawa.

Her labours to bring art and artists together with the diplomatic community are of great value, and provide a special added dimension to our busy lives. The variety, colour, and festive quality of Lilia's exhibits present a welcome and needed break from a typical day's activities. Beyond the cultural aspect, I have admired the skillful use of interesting events to promote worthy causes and highlight the friendly relations between Canada and other nations.

As part of an NGO (non-govemment organization) that is heavily engaged in networking arming ambassadors, high commissioners and members of Parliament, I take pleasure in discovering that some of my diplomat friends and I share similar tastes in art.

I believe it in the best interests of the long-term and short-term residents of Ottawa for the services offered by Lilia to continue and increase.

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David Imbrock, International Representative, Christian Embassy of Canada 

Jose Nestor Ureta


It is with great enthusiasm that I write a recommendation letter for Mrs- Lilia Faulkner, who worked for the Embassy of the Argentine Republic as an Art Exhibitions Organizer in December 2012. She was in charge of organizing the Art Exhibition entitled ,Argentine Night at St. Brigid's Cultural Center", where we presented different art works of several Argentine artists.

Mrs. Faulkner's skills were crucial in helping our Mission to carry out this event. She took care of assembling and disassembling the vernissage, providing excellent customer service, and promoting the exhibition.

We trusted in Mrs. Faulkner's creativity, energy, and initiative in setting up the display. She assisted the artists with all that they needed, and collaborated with the Embassy staff in organizing a great exhibition. Her talent is irreplaceable, and her unique work assisted us irrpresenting the Vernissage. The exhibit was a great success, attended by a large number of visitors. She proved herself to be committed to excellence. It should be added that she has worked with various Latin American Embassies in Ottawa and she has gained an excellent reputation.

We were delighted with the work of Mrs. Faulkner. If you are looking for a professional person to organize an Art Exhibition , I can think of no better candidate than her.

Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

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Zoran Veljic


I met Mrs. Lilia Faulkner at the Peruvian Art Exhibition in Gatineau in October 2010 where she was performing the role of the Art Exhibition organizer. Later on, in January of the next year we approached her asking for professional assistance in organizing our photo exhibition of Serbian Churches and Monasteries, Mrs Faulkner was very helpful and assisted the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in providing space and organizing the display; she was also involved with the invitations of guests and setting up the Vemisage. Later on she assisted our Embassy in organizing three more exhibitions at both St. Brigid's CulturalCentre and the national Library and archive. We relied on Mrs Faulkner/s knowledge to put together creative presentation, she provided and outlined the proper artistic approach and in two cases, provided the necessary technical materials. Her creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see project through to completion on time really made these presentations distinctive and successful. Mrs Faulkner was able to oversee every step of the process from preparation and official opening of the exhibition, to the running and closing of our exhibits. Thanks to her extensive contacts within the diplomatic and social circles in Ottawa, she effectively provided additional attendees who were not on our standard Embassy mailing lists of invitees. She proved herself to be an effective communicator,often serving as Embassy liaison to the administration and staff of the galleries where we had our exhibitions. Attending otherArt exhibitions as an invitee I had the opportunity to see how successfully she coordinated projects involving numerous artists and people. l was impressed with her ability to work collaboratively while guiding the project quickly and effectively.

Sensitivity, diligence, energy and her sense of humour made working with Mrs Faulkner a pleasure. I highly recommend her as an organizer of any Art exhibition which involves the foreign diplomatic missions in Ottawa.

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