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Latin American Art 2019 "Art Of The Americas"

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 “Art of the Americas" Exhibition 2019

October 29 - 31, 2019

Celebrating Terra Art 10th Anniversary & the closing of the Latin American Heritage Month

Tuesday, October 29 @ 6:30pm.

Tenth edition of Latin American Art Exhibition of TERRA ART


Terra Art & GRULA,

Have the pleasure to invite you to the Opening of Latín American Art 2019

titled “ART OF THE AMERICA” /   intitulé  “ART DES AMÉRIQUES ”

Terra Art is pleased to present its Art Exhibition of Latin American, entitled "Art of the Americas". The exhibition will be held from October 29th to the 31st at the Jean Pigott Place of the City of Ottawa, located at 110 Laurier Ave. W. Ottawa.

This year, the TERRA ART exhibition will spotlight a group of famous and acclaimed Canadian and US artists as well as others from the Americas, whose work were invited directly from their countries thanks to the auspices of their respective Embassies in Canada. This Exhibition will portray the soul and deep sentiments of North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean through the artists' representations. 

Terra Art has been a leader in artistic processes with more than 10 years of experience promoting different international artists, Terra Art brings together works by 35 painters and one Sculpture from 21 countries of the Americas, with the usual auspices of Latin American diplomatic missions and North American entities. The opening of the exhibition will be on October 29th at 6:30pm. 

Terra Art will be delighted with “Colores Andinos” group, at the opening night!

During the exhibition, TERRA ART will have the honour of publicly recognizing the effort and collaboration of many distinguished individuals for their unconditional support to Latin American Art since 2009 until now.

Recipient: His Excellency, Diego Stacey, (Ambassador of Ecuador),

H.E Josefina Vidal (Ambassador of Cuba), H.E. Roberto Rodriguez (Ambassador Of Peru), H.E. Sofia Cerrato (Ambassador of Honduras), Sra. Borka Sattler, Amb.Teran, Amb.Romero, Amb. Castaneda, Margarita Feliciano,Luis Abanto, Hector Tovar, Jaime Marulanda, Sam Garcia, Silvia Alfaro, Caro Izaguirre, Mayela Limongi, Silvia Compadre, Aurelia Faulkner, Ariana Faulkner, Daniel Faulkner, Ana Ramirez, Jaime Gonzales, Eldy Ampere,  and many others….

Following the presentations will be a reception where interaction with the artists who are present is encouraged.


Participating Artists:

• Canada: Glenna Matoush, & Cesar Bello,

• USA: Kay Griffith & Leroi C. Johnson,

• Mexico: Claudia Perenzalez, Dalia Mendoza & Hector Tovar, 

• Argentina: Carmen Buteler, Rosaria Russo & Silvia Compadre,

• Bolivia: Eusebio Choque,

• Brazil: Sergio de Macedo & Andrea Auerbach Viera,

• Chile: Cecilia Kneer & Carmen Lattanzi,       

• Colombia: Jeison Sierra, Natalia Feliz Lunes & Ortega Toscano,

• Costa Rica: Maestro Fernando Carballo, & Rafa Fernandez,

• Cuba: Nelson Domínguez & Yoel Finalet,

• Dominican Republic: Jimmy Valdez,  

• Ecuador: Voroshilov Bazante,

• El Salvador: Guillermo Martinez Canizales & Jorge Figueroa, 

• Guatemala: Marta Beatriz Cáceres, 

• Haiti: Ricardo Fleuraguste, 

• Honduras: Valeria Martinez & Jene Garay,      

• Nicaragua: Edgar Pasquier & Sharlotte Novoa Guandique,

• Panama: Olga Sinclair, Oswaldo de León Kantule & Jacinto Argumedes,

 • Perú: Pedro Caballero, Borka Sattler & Juan Carlos Zeballos,

• Uruguay: Teresa Barrotti, 

• Venezuela: Lilian Bolivar & Ymilse Rangel.

"ART OF THE AMERICAS" 2019 is pleased to present the best artists of their times. Their work has been widely exhibited, with their powerful paintings gracing numerous public spaces, galleries and private collections in many countries around the world. 


 I would like to extend my gratitude to all my sponsors of this year:

- Star Motors of Ottawa Mercedes- Benz,  
- Ottawa University - Faculty of Arts
- Gallery Gevick - Toronto, 
- Canadian Film Institute,
- AMAZONES Restaurant, 
- Arts World One and
- Ryan Barr 



Lilia Faulkner

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +613 293-7060  


For more information (journalistic material, interviews, photos, etc.). or interviews, please contact: Lilia Faulkner (613) 293 7060 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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