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Terra Art | Contemporary Latin Art - A World of Art & Inspiration with Lilia Faulkner

Born in Huarochirí, Peru - Manta exposes the philosophy of feelings, the real possibility of harmony and subtleness, and the millenary displacement of universal objects.

Opening, November 02, 2017 @ 6.00pm. 

Borka Sattler - Retrospective 

Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary!

Tuesday, October 24 @ 6.30pm.


Terra Art creates cross-cultural dialogues and understanding through the medium of the visual arts. 

Born in Lima, Peru - Borkas's expressionism is based on forms and motives related to her life and the cultures in which she grew up in and was exposed to.

Born in Lima, Peru - Jorge is a Painter, musician and sound designer. His work are increasingly abstract, textural, and symbolic, but the emphasis on essential forms rich in colour and movement.


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