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Andres Teran Parra

                                                                            Ottawa, September 26, 2003

To whom it may concern

         It is a pleasure for me to write a recomendation letter for Mrs.Lilia Faulkner, who had assisted the Embassy of Ecuador to canada during the organization of various exhibitions of Ecuadorian artists since 2009.

         The duties of Mrs. Faulkner consisted of coordinating the exhibitions, contacting with authorities of places where the events took part, hiring panels, assembling the pictures. When the arists were present at the exhibitions, she agreed the works arragement with the painters.

          Mrs.Faulkner provides her services not only before and during the events but also after them. She usually keeps the contact with the artists and represents them in differents situations. After having worked with Ecuadorian artists, Mrs.faulkner contacted them directly when she had the opportunity topresent their pictures in various events.

           The experience, contacts, and professional characteristics of Mrs.Faulkner are an assurance that cultural events organized by her will suceed I highly recommend Mrs.Faulkner to organize and perform these kind of events.


Andres Teran Parra                                                                              


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